Borrowing with Ease of Mind

When looking into the prospects of buying a home or the possibility of refinancing an existing one, the settlement is ones ultimate goal.

Armour Settlement Services, a Colorado and nationwide title company, can play a pivotal role by providing the needed title services that allow you to make a safe, sound and informed decision.

A title company's role in settlement can be split up into two major functions:

The first: "Providing title insurance that guarantees a clear and marketable title to the purchaser and lender engaging in the transaction."

The second: "Providing fiduciary responsibility to any and all parties involved in title transactions, including but not limited to: conducting final settlement, receipt of required funds, disbursement of funds according to the settlement."

As a title company, we are responsible for conducting a thorough and complete title examination on any property involved in customer transactions, and guaranteeing there are no outstanding liens or encumbrances on properties or owners that affect a clear title.

Another vital part of this examination is the search for and examination of legal sufficiency of prior deeds and any other supporting documents, in order to safeguard our customers interests.

In addition to the above, Armour Settlement Services will also investigate and examine any and all restrictive covenants, easements, rights of way, water rights, and other applicable documents.

Once a settlement has been finalized, all needed legal documents will be prepared, appropriately recorded, and filed in land records of property jurisdiction.

Armour Settlement Services brings over 50 years of professional experience to this process in Colorado, and has many experts that will be accessible to you throughout the course of settlement. Our experts are capable of answering any title, escrow, settlement, or other questions you might have in clear language that anyone can understand.

Our staff look forward to assisting you with your home equity loan, real estate purchase, refinance, or sale.

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